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Here is how affiliate marketing works in 4 simple steps:

1. You join an affiliate program (Here is a list to get started)
2. You pick a product to promote (You will get a unique affiliate link)
3. You share the link via Social media, Blog, YouTube videos, Facebook ads or any other form
4.When someone makes a purchase, you earn a handsome affiliate commission.
It is free to join - there are no set up costs or membership fees and we will give you a link to your site.

Add value to your site - just link to and you will add value to your site by giving your customers access to every product sale.

Earning money is easy - for every sale of products in Jansae generated from your site( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and more), you will earn at least 20 % commission.

Track your sales and pay you every 30 day - Our program is run through own affiliate networks which let us provide you with a real-time reporting facility so you can see how much you are earning as a Jansae affiliate. Your commission will be paid every 30 days through PayPal.

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