The iMoreone™ Story
Everyone charges, everyone runs flat, everyone's had a bad cable and everyone has been confused with new tech. We took these concerns and aimed to make reliable simple technology that lasts.

The rise of iMoreone
In 2010, micro USB gave you one cable for everything but when it came to "Fast charging", each brand had its own fast protocol and there was no charger for every device.
Jiaguoe™ developed Power3S to adapt and universally optimize charging speed, you could now have one charger for every device. Not long after, the first 5 port desktop charger was born.

Now our range has expanded to cover not only charging but also home robotics and computing. We are continuously developing new solutions to smart living and aim to keep you powered until devices power themselves.
Our positioning in the market is one of value. We balance features, power, and price to create something that performs and looks brilliant. We are different, we are not as flamboyant in our communication or have glamorous packaging, instead, we keep costs down and avoid wastage by carefully selecting what to develop.

Global Coverage 

We began with a distribution warehouse in USA and now Jiaguoe™ reaches almost every corner of the world. We have expanded our distribution via Amazon to US, EU and Japan. We also have international distributors and partners across the globe. Our main international distributor Banggood ships direct from our factory in China to your door.

The Wolf In The Pack
Phone accessories is a tough market full of competition and staying competitive is a shifting game. We stay fresh by standing at the tip of the latest technology and continuously racing to be the first brand that offers the latest charging tech. Creating great tech is only half of the story. By maintaining high standards and amazing support we aim to develop life-long customers who enjoy our products and spread the Jiaguoe™ name.

Over 1 Million people have enjoyed our accessories and kept their devices fueled with our chargers and cables.
This is our story, we welcome you to discover Jiaguoe™, where the latest tech meets the best price.
Simplify Your Life

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